Access all your valuable documents, photos, videos and music in one secure place with SafeSync

SafeSync offers secure, real-time protection, so you can access and share your precious memories anytime, anywhere

Keeping all your files up to date when you have multiple computers can be difficult. SafeSync automatically detects any changes you make to your digital files, and syncs those changes to all your web enabled devices. Protect, access, and share all your precious files quickly and easily with SafeSync.

With SafeSync, your data is securely and continuously backed up using real-time sync. Your files are automatically copied within moments of you saving them!

With over 20 years experience, Trend Micro is a global leader in Internet content security and a pioneer in server-based antivirus software solutions.

SafeSync keeps a history of all your file changes and lets you recover a past file versions. SafeSync also has a recycling bin if you delete something by accident!

With SafeSync, you can access your files from any Internet enabled computer or mobile phone using the SafeSync website.

Simple sharing
SafeSync allows you to share your media with whoever you want through direct links, email, IM, or social networks.

Mobile apps
When you're away from your computer, SafeSync mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices give you access to your files on demand.

You can try SafeSync for free and see how easy it is to backup, access and share your files online.

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